Yangnyeongsi Oriental Medicine Culture Hall
A traditional scene - Chris Backe
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Not to be confused with the nearby Yangnyeongsi herb market (약령시, 藥令市), the Yangnyeongsi Oriental Medicine Cultural Center (약령시한의약문화관) of the same name celebrates the centuries-long history of the market. Although there is little English to read inside the museum, there's enough English available to gain an appreciation of both the medicine and history.

Start by heading up to the third floor, where you'll be welcomed and offered a brochure. The first main room showed a miniature version of how Yangnyeongsi looked in the past, along with a projection of Korea showing the trail taken to transport herbs from this part of Daegu to present-day Seoul.

Yangnyeongsi's history goes back over 350 years. Turn back the time machine to 1658, the 9th year of King Hyojong of the Joseon Dynasty. The market now known as Yangnyeongsi was opened in Gyeongsan Gamyeong (the "supreme local government office") within the Daegu Eupseong (fortress) by Im Ui Byeok, the governor of the area. Although the market was originally open a month in the spring and fall, the market sent herbs to Manchuria, Mongolia, Vietnam, Germany, the UK, and elsewhere.