A Guide About Busan Aquarium Most Popular Place In South Korea

Busan Aquarium Most Popular Place In South Korea

Right along Haeundae Beach is Busan Aquarium, a multi-story aquarium definitely for the tourist crowd. It’s within walking distance of the beach and subway and offers English at most every turn.

After paying admission and descending the escalator, your eyes gradually adjust to the dark that comprises the majority of the underground space. It certainly attunes your eyes to the clever and changing light displays, but some of them are overkill, to say the least!

Included inside are: a two-story aquarium area (look down from the upper floor or up from the lower floor, but most of the fish often seem happy near the top); an underwater shark tunnel (it’s less ominous than it sounds!); and a short tunnel you can crawl through before standing up to be surrounded by seals up close and personal.

A food court also offers several fairly standard food options after your trip, and there is a colorful gift shop which the kids will love.

As expected, Busan Aquarium provides a fascinating experience into the world of water animals. Being located on Haeundae Beach and within throwing distance of the Tourist Information Center, it’s quite nice to have everything in one place.

The price is a little steep by Korean standards – 16,000 won gets an adult in. But do go if you’re in Busan or want to relax after your visit to the beach.

Directions to Busan Aquarium:
Take line 2 of the Busan subway system to the Haeundae Beach station. Take one of the two exits towards Haeundae Beach and walk straight until you come to the beach.
Don’t worry about walking on the sand – when you reach the sand, turn right to walk alongside it until you see the Busan Aquarium, about 200-250 meters down.

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