How To Pick Right Escorts In India

How To Pick Right Escorts In India

Are you looking for hiring a wonderful and sexy escort in India and want some instructions or noticeable points that can guide you to make a good decision? Well, In India you will find thousands of escort agencies and companies and there is no wonder if we say that many of them is a fake one and a hoax.  

The prostitution in India is legal indeed you can find numbers of escort services in each city. However, you must have a glance at these tips that will surely helpful for you so let’s take a look at that:-

Tips to pick right escort in India:

  • Find a genuine website:

Whenever you search on Google regarding a Chandigarh escort service then make sure that the site must be authentic and genuine because you will see many websites that are enough to confuse you. 

Always select a website that places regular postings and keeps them update. The escorts also look genuine with each service visibility with their charges.  

  • Always ask for a verified escort:

Try to make contact with the escort manager and ask for a verified escort and that has been verified by the escort agency. 

  • Cross-checking:

If you get the mobile number of the Chandigarh escorts that you have booked then try to search the number and the name of the escort on Google. Also, read the reviews of the other customers and make sure that they are really not a scam. 

  • Make a proper plan:

There are various escort agencies that provide an incall and an outcall escort service but prostitution in India is illegal so there are many hotels and rooms available blindly and try to play safely and wisely.   

  • Take care of your accessories:

If you are hiring an escort from the classy and genuine place and you are 100% sure about their service provider and liability then it is okay otherwise never take a risk if you have any doubt. 

Take care of your personal stuff like gold chain or other things or expensive watches and wallets because in some cases it has been found that the client has lost his all of personal belongings and when you will come to know about that maybe it is too late.  

  • Always use protection:

HIV is a common disease and can be spread if you play unsafe sex with anybody. Always use a condom while having sex with a call girl or an escort. It doesn’t matter from where you have hired a girl or how much you are paying her never forget to use the protection.   

  • Use your discretion:

Most of the time escort girls use the codeword language like they can ask for the reward or the tip so use your mind and behave like that. Also, try to avoid liquor whenever you are ready for an intimate relationship. 

There are some companies that provide extra services like a massage so you can ask them before hiring a girl and always talk about the charges before booking.   

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