Is This Good Idea To Have Sex On The First Date?

Sex On The First Date

Well, who really likes first dates? They are very awkward and they usually involve sharing a meal or a drink with some complete and total stranger. Also, it just doesn’t get any easier if both of you are thinking the same thing. Are we going to have sex later?

All thanks to nobodies who have absolutely no idea on how to date, handing out dating advice. This particular question that we are going to answer today has become very stigmatized. The stigma has reached to a point where it is just plain guilt. The hookup culture which has been on the rise doesn’t exactly make things easier if you really want to have sex on the first date and at the same time don’t really want to ghost or be ghosted by the person you went on the date with.

Why it is considered as Taboo

Despite the shift towards a more progressive society it just is deeply saddening to see that having sex on the first date is being hailed as the make or break moment in the relationship. This just leaves us more confused than we began with on what should be the right move in the situation. 

Society has some blame to share too. The constant need to conform within the boundaries set by them doesn’t make things easier. What makes the thing worse is the fact that we completely disregard our own feelings while trying to be this person that society wants us to be. We also are too busy trying to decipher the so-called clues we think the person across is giving. After all, sex is a two-way street, right? 

The portrayal of sex isn’t accurate either. Sex is usually viewed as some exchange of good which is absolutely not. This exchange of good could be better understood as the women give a sort of down payment and while the man who receives the sex is in a thanking your manner. The thanks coming from the girl for actually taking her out to dinner. This is a very deeply damaging view we have of sex.

It is okay

Just like most of the things in our world we don’t see things for what they truly are. Sex is just a union of a male and female making love to each other. This is a very pleasurable experience that should be done by two mutually consenting adults. Consent being the keyword here. It is just that no more and no less.

With an adequate amount of research, we are finally in a position to answer the question posed above. Yes, it is totally fine to have sex on the very first date. People who will judge you will judge you no matter what. This actually gives your insight and warning about a person before you finally decide to do the mistake yourself.

If you both want it then it is not a problem to have sex on the first date.

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