Types Of Orgasms

Types Of Orgasms

Types Of Orgasms

Orgasm is the ultimate stage of every intercourse and all hard work ends here with great pleasure and satisfaction. When you start the intercourse your expectation, the position, and the chemistry between you decide what type of orgasm you will feel.

Yes, that’s true orgasm has various types and every person may feel it differently. If you want to experience the big O you must read this article. Let’s talk about types of orgasm and how they make you feel:-

Types Of Orgasm And How They Make You Feel

1. Clitoral Orgasm

Clitoral orgasm is an awesome experience but never goes much deeper and mostly you feel on the surface. When you feel an intense pressure to your clitoral, which is a tiny organ near the vulva and you may feel real arousing when rub gently by using a finger, tongue, or palm in a circular motion.

This is a sensitive part and soon you can feel the orgasm and satisfaction but this is not an end at all.

2. Vaginal Orgasm

This is one of the most loving and demanding types of orgasm that women love to get and much deeper than a clitoral orgasm. During sex, when your partner is doing the thing and try to hit the G-spot near the belly button and constant pushing can lead through vaginal orgasm.

You can also insert a finger in the vagina and try to make the motion and move the finger inside. Using a sex toy can also help and the pleasure you feel is mind-blowing.

3. Anal Orgasm

Anal orgasm is a basic type of orgasm and popular in men. For achieving and stimulating, use a finger and rub gently on the area and we will suggest using a good quality lube or it can be harmful.

Vagina produces natural lube but the anal never so using a lube that is easily available is a wise idea and enjoy until you get it.

4. Combo Orgasm

The combo is the state when you combine clitoral and vaginal orgasm together and rub both gently and create pressure on them. This can bombard pleasure and enjoyment and you will surely fall in love with this type.

5. Erogenous Orgasm

This is not a rule that you always feel orgasm in the inner parts. If you are a sensitive person and deeply connected with your partner, a lot of warm hot kisses on the neck, nipples, on thighs, and legs, on the back, and a little biting can also stimulate and you may feel a real orgasm.